Tradition to Trend: How we revamped an established brand and tapped into a new demographic.

Seattle’s Traditional Japanese Restaurant Reborn: Embracing New Trends and Tastes

This client is a Japanese restaurant in the greater Seattle area that offers sushi, sashimi, sake, and other traditional Japanese cuisine. Their mission is to provide exceptional dining experiences where every customer is treated like family. Equally important, they don’t just serve food, they also strive to create lasting memories, offer diverse menu options, and be the best sushi restaurant in Edmonds, while building a sense of warmth and belonging.

What’s more, this restaurant was already well-established with regular customers and consistent revenue seeking out their favorite sushi in Seattle. It was recently purchased by a new owner, who rebranded and updated the menu. With no current online presence, this restaurant needed its marketing efforts to focus on gaining exposure and increasing customer base to remain competitive.

This is where Scale & Thrive Co. enters the picture to provide full-service marketing and business development support. We took a personalized approach to ensure this Japanese restaurant had a custom strategy to meet its needs and budget.

Marketing and Business Development Support at a Glance

Key Marketing and Business Goals for this Japanese Restaurant in the Greater Seattle Area:
  • Spread the word for the grand re-opening 
  • Increase sales $1.2M annual revenue
  • Bring in new customers to the restaurant
  • Establish them as a nightlife hot spot for younger generations
Opportunities to Elevate the Business:
  • Establish current online presence
  • Increase sales with new direction
  • Stand out among other Japanese restaurants in the Edmonds community 
  • Increase awareness of new brand and menu
  • Become a hot spot for younger target demographics

Selecting the best Scale & Thrive Co. Marketing Tactics Includes: 

To ensure effective results, we had to start with a comprehensive marketing strategy that used tactics that would a) increase awareness of the established Japanese restaurant brand within the greater Seattle area, especially in Edmonds, b) keep the restaurant top of mind for patrons to come back for future visits, and c) increase sales. Furthermore, we wanted to engage any patrons who to keep the restaurant top of mind for future visits.

Executing the Marketing Strategy:

Marketing activities for this Japanese restaurant included social media, email marketing, SMS marketing, local collaborations, and community involvement within Edmonds and the greater Seattle area. 

Key performance indicator (KPIs) and analytics were closely monitored, and the data was used to drive decisions that would give this client an edge to maximize its return on investment (ROI) on time and best utilize their marketing budget.


Reaping the Rewards of the Marketing Strategy Results: 
  • Successful grand opening with high conversion rates on the grand opening waitlist 
  • Newly established online booking system for easy reservation booking 
  • Established and growing presence on Instagram 
  • Quickly became a well-loved Japanese dining spot in the area with several high-reaching content pieces



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