Achieving Key Marketing and Business Goals with a Life Coach

Getting This Life Coach Seen Online: Creating a Social Media Marketing Plan

This client is a Life Coach who desperately needed help with her social media marketing. She came to us with a very limited digital presence, but the desire to establish her branded visuals and a social media marketing plan for her business so she could start putting her work out there even more. 

When she came to Scale & Thrive Co., she already had her logo, colors and fonts in place, but no branded graphics or digital property available. We wanted to help her change that! 

We were able to create templates to standardize her life coaching brand, and create effective content for her each month so she could start to get visible and active on social media – and start attracting more clients! 

Marketing and Business Development Support at a Glance

Key Marketing and Business Goals for this Life Coach Marketing Client:
  • Understand the client’s brand strategy to help her meet her goals
  • Create a bank of branded templates for social media
  • Create content that was in line with the client’s brand voice and monthly objectives
Opportunities to Elevate the Business:
  • Establish a branded online presence 
  • Increase activity and visibility across all social media platforms 
  • Use original content from the client to create even more brand content

Selecting the best Scale & Thrive Co. Marketing Tactics Includes: 

With limited business photos available, we utilized on-brand stock photos and text-based graphics to boost the content on this Life Coach’s social media channels. 

Tactics our team used included professionally designing graphics for her brand, taking the time to understand her brand strategy to keep images and content in line with her business and goals, and making use of her current original content to create all new content.

Executing the Marketing Strategy:

The strategy for this Life Coach client included creating graphics and intellectual property, as well as content that was in line with the client’s voice.


Reaping the Rewards of the Marketing Strategy Results: 
  • Graphic templates created for the client to use across her social media channels 
  • Monthly graphics that needed little to no revisions each month 
  • Efficient content creation and social media management that helped grow her audience and client base


Are you sitting on tons of content, with no plan for social media marketing and no strategy to get seen online?

Let Scale & Thrive Co. help you! We are a full-service marketing and business development agency. We specialize in building tailor-made business strategies that are as unique as your business is! We pride ourselves in taking a personalized approach to every project so you know your strategy fits your specific needs and budget. 

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