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Hey, it's nice to meet you, we're Safa & Ashley

Scale & Thrive wasn’t just some random “let’s start an agency” idea – it was born from our shared hustle struggles and the clear need to offer marketing and operations together, not one or the other.
After years of being part of the same online communities and having mutual connections, it was through a book club that we finally connected on a personal level.
That’s when it clicked – by combining our distinct strengths- Safa’s operational skillset and Ashley’s marketing experience, we could build the kind of agency we always wanted to see in the online space. One that goes way beyond just handling promotions, but truly takes the burden of implementing plans and activities off your plate.
See, one major gripe we rallied behind was the soul-crushing cycle our clients would go through of vetting contractors and having to perpetually hire and train new folks as they’d inevitably flake. We knew there had to be a better way to just fully pass the execution baton without micromanaging every last detail.
That’s why we manifested Scale & Thrive Co. into existence – a seamless one-stop shop where you can confidently delegate all the marketing, management, and behind-the-scenes logistics to us while staying locked in as a true visionary. Finally, a true partnership where you get to grow your business and make an impact on your customers instead of being a busy bee 24/7.

More about US

Scale & Thrive was born out of a shared vision and frustration. 

Established in 2020, brought together in 2023

After years of being part of the same online communities and having mutual connections, it was through a book club that they finally connected on a personal level. 


The Business Gurus



Ashley’s a marketing genius by day and a nature-loving mama the rest of the time. When she’s not dreaming up creative campaigns in her Seattle home base, you’ll find her hiking forest trails, digging in the garden, or scoping out sweet new spots – toddlers in tow, of course! Her super power? Staying ahead of the trends while keeping a grounded presence.
Safa’s an operations ninja and kid-wrangling queen based in sunny Florida. Sure, she’s a pro at streamlining processes, brewing up new revenue streams, and talking strategy. But what else refuels her energy levels? Seeking out stellar travel deals, squeezing in morning workouts, devouring books, and making that kernel-crunching popcorn disappear – all while keepin’ it together for her lil’ ones. Ambition with a side of balance? You know it.

Meet the TEAM 

Hi, I’m Divina, a freelance VA and Graphic Designer. I have 10 years of experience as an Administrative Assistant in an academic setting. Writing blogs and designing graphics are my cup of tea. A fun fact about me is I’m a huge fan of Korean pop sensation BTS and I LOVE Korean food and shows.
Hey there! I’m a digital marketing specialist with a twist—I’m also a yoga teacher! My journey began as a Social Media Manager, where I learned how to create captivating content and connected with awesome audiences. From there, I dove into the world of Email Copywriting, creating persuasive messages that hit the mark.
As an Email Marketing Specialist, I mastered the art of segmentation, analytics, and driving conversions. Oh, and did I mention I’m a pro at designing funnels? It’s all about optimizing the customer journey for maximum impact. So, let’s spread good vibes and make some marketing magic together! Namaste.
Hello, I’m Denelyn, a graduate in Public Administration from the Philippines. With two years of experience as an office clerk and two years as a dedicated store attendant, I’ve honed my skills in administrative tasks and customer service. What sets me apart is my eagerness to learn and be taught. I may be introverted initially, but I’m approachable and open to new friendships and knowledge. Let’s connect and share our journeys together!
I started my freelancing journey in 2010 as a freelancer writer and blogger, becoming a VA shortly after. Since then I’ve worked in various industries, from finance to online coaching, coming back to what I love most, being a VA and support system for others’ growing businesses.
I live in Hawaii with my husband and 2 kids, well a pre-teen and a teen. As a family we love to watch movies together and travel (I’m a huge Disney fan!) In my own free time – which is rare – I love to read. Any quiet time I have you’ll find me reading, usually an FBI thriller or Harry Potter again.
Hi! My name is Leecy Chiles and I’m a marketing professional with 10+ years of combined experience in mostly the energy and healthcare industries. I started my career at a digital marketing agency managing SEO and content marketing, and now I spend my days developing and managing multi-channel integrated marketing plans to help practices grow. I’m new to the freelance space and am looking forward to learning this new way of working and welcoming any tips and guidance along the way!
Hey there! I’m Ika, I’ve been living the nomad life, hopping around cities every 2 to 3 years—thanks to my husband’s job. Before jumping into copywriting I was a recruiter for Gameloft Indonesia in 2019 and working closely with people has always been my favorite. Fun fact: I have a strong dislike for living in big cities. Slow living is my kind of thing!

Data-Driven Decision-Making:

As moms, we know the power of facts over feelings when it comes to making the best choices for our families. That same data-driven approach? We apply it to every marketing move. With in-depth analysis and hard numbers as our guides, we identify opportunities, track progress, and fine-tune for success – all so you can feel confident your investment is paying off big time.

Client-Centric Approach:

You want what’s best for your kids, and we want what’s best for your business baby. By truly understanding your unique needs and goals, we create personalized strategies tailored to achieve them. No cookie-cutter solutions here! Just a dedicated team committed to giving you the hands-on, attentive partnership you deserve.


Raising kids takes a village, and the same goes for growing businesses. By focusing on open communication and true teamwork with our clients, we combine our marketing ninja skills with your on-the-ground expertise. The result? Powerhouse partnerships where collective brainpower translates into collective wins.

Our mission is to EMPOWER businesses to achieve EXTRAORDINARY growth and become industry LEADERS.

We know the struggle of trying to do it all and have it all. That’s why our mission is to be your secret weapon – empowering entrepreneurs like you to achieve mind-blowing business growth and making dreams a reality.
How do we make it happen? With a mix of marketing wizardry, seamless operations, and unmatched communication. Our commitment is delivering amazing results through collaborative partnerships and straightforward guidance. We’re not about guessing games over here.
By combining data-backed strategies with innovative thinking, we’ll maximize your untapped potential and make that lasting industry impact you dream about. But our hearts are always in unlocking your unique vision and tackling your unique challenges head on. 
No cookie-cutter formulas here – just customized solutions to propel your business growth beyond expectations. We’ve got your back!


Let’s Collaborate

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We may be a GOOD MATCH if:


Your business is in a rut or completely plateaued. Maybe you’re wondering where’s all that success and growth you’ve achieved in the past?


You still want to be looped in and make CEO level decisions, but you don’t want to be in the day to day. Ain’t nobody got time for that!


You want things done the right way and FAST. You don’t want to have to pick and choose when it comes to your success.